About Shine

Our Mission is to provide an inclusive environment where children with varied developmental disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder can receive ABA and a wide range of additional therapies that are custom tailored to individual need. Through data and research based intervention, and with professionalism and compassion Shine illuminates the pathway to growth and development for children and their families, we strive to enrich lives and help children reach their full potential and ultimately to succeed.

At Shine we understand the need for a wide variety of therapies and the challenges this can present for parents when the therapies are not offered in one location. We want to make accessibility of services as convenient and stress free as possible which is why we offer ABA, Speech and a wide variety of other beneficial therapies such as occupational therapy focusing on fine motor skills, music and sensory integration therapies to improve social skills and decrease common behavioral concerns with autistic children and we do this all at one location!

We believe that providing that little bit of extra service and quality makes all the difference. We work with a special needs hair stylist monthly to come into the center and provide haircuts for our kiddos in an environment where they feel safe, provide respite aftercare for parents who work or need a little bit more time in the evening to pick up and offer a gym styled open playroom as well as specialized sensory room for generalizing therapy and getting much needed exercise as well as sensory input in a wide variety of ways throughout the day.

We work with children age 2-12 years of age.

Come on in for a visit and check us out!

About Us

Emilye Schmale

Our Center Director

First and foremost I am the mother of a five year old autistic boy who was diagnosed 7 days after his birth with Hydrocephalus. This resulted in three brain surgeries and a later diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. Just before my son’s third birthday we received yet another diagnosis, this time Autism. I have walked this journey with many others in the DFW area for the last five years and I‘ve seen the pain and the joy, the success over the little things and the daily struggles and stress from a firsthand perspective. I connect with fellow ASD parents in groups, online forums, at playdates, doctor appointments and special needs functions and conferences. I have felt the desperation and desire for help and support. I saw a way to make a difference. As a parent of a special needs child I desperately want my son to receive the very best care but it goes further than that, I also want to provide a safe place where parents and their special children can feel secure and understood. After over 15 years as a sales & marketing professional in the corporate world I have moved on to pursue my true passion. This is what drove me to create Shine.

I welcome you to come into the center and experience the warm, specialized environment and amazing curriculum that we provide.

Emily Selmale

Even Skelton

Our BCBA & Clinical Manager

Meet Evan Skelton, she holds both her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her masters in applied behavior analysis from USF. She is certified by the national Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) as a BCBA and has over 7 years of experience working directly in the field. Working with children is Evan’s passion, but for her nothing compares to working with children on the Autism Spectrum. She takes great pride in getting to know each child and their families personally. Through the daily implementation of ABA Evan feels honored to be brought into the world of the child and to see the beautiful souls, intelligence, and sense of humor many others may not be lucky enough to see. For Evan there is no better reward than improving the quality of life for our special needs children and their families.

Sensory Room

Sensory Room

At Shine we recognize the need for individuals to have a safe and calming environment available when they need a break. Therapy is a lot for children to process and sometimes they need a change of pace. Our sensory room is designed to provide a secure fun environment to allow children to decompress and just be themselves. Through exploratory play at their own leisure therapists can learn what the child likes and does not like, what calms and what overstimulates. This is a specially designed room which combines a range of stimuli to help engage the senses. We provide a wide variety of materials such as lights, colors, sounds, sack swings, and sensory objects to touch and feel in many different textures. Sensory environments can be extremely comforting and calming for overactive or distressed children. With their sensory needs met they can have a more productive therapy session and overall de-escalation of problem behaviors throughout the day.

Gym Style Playroom

Gym Style Open Play Room

Our large open gym style play area incorporates a trampoline, platform swing and ball pit as well as a myriad of mats and toys that provide exercise. Physical activity is an important supplement to behavioral therapy, it’s a great way to integrate therapy with social skills such as sharing and turn taking and it also allows sensory seekers to take a break, let off some steam and get out some of that restless energy. Let’s face it every kid just wants to have fun and our open play room provides a safe and fun environment where kids can be kids while still being in a 1:1 setting with a trained behavioral therapist. After a break in the gym a child is more able to focus on their behavioral therapy and for children with a high level of energy and physical need this area allows us to shape this behavior into a more focused productive and positive way to play.

Outdoor Play area

Outdoor Play Area

Another unique feature of Shine is our outdoor play area. All children have a need to “get the wiggles out” and in our ASD kiddos sometimes this need is even greater! Having the chance to get outside daily with their therapist in a safe environment is just another way we strive to shine and offer unique opportunities to generalize our ABA programs. This is another area to incorporate therapy, exercise and interaction which cuts back on problem behaviors and increases social skills. Coming Soon!

Our Location

1205 B W Green Oaks Blvd
Arlington, Texas 76013
Phone: 817-457-3088
We are conveniently located in West Arlington, Texas.
Easily accessible from major highways I-30, I-20 and U.S. 287!
2.7 miles from I-30 | 4.2 miles from I-20 | 4.5 miles from U.S. 287

We work with children age 2-12 years of age.